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About us

PLUXNG is a Digital  Marketing Agency based in Nigeria. We are a network of in-house and 3rd-party industry consultants offering the best of competitive digital solutions for modern and competitive online businesses and digital brands.

There are billions of people online every day, most of them searching for a particular product or service. Which means if you’re not online, your business won’t be found. That’s why we decided to make online advertising easier for everyone, especially small business owners, to give them a chance to succeed like the big brands.

We offer great value for money with effective digital solutions honed from years of industry-experience and relationship-building with our clients ranging from small & mid-sized businesses in Nigeria, leading industry brands and individuals.

Company’s Philosophy

We have one mission: help your brand grow through effective, and affordable digital marketing.
We believe sustainable growth starts with a strong marketing foundation. That is why we help you with your marketing strategy, and building a solid online presence. Once your business has a good marketing foundation, we will help you maintain it with month-to-month services. This way you can spent more time doing what you love, and less worrying about how you are going to get clients.

Our Skills

We help businesses drive more leads by reassessing & reinvigorating their online presence. We provide unique web design combined with an extensive search engine optimization, online advertising and content strategy to ensure business growth.